Curamisia tea


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Annual Artemisia -Tee

Curamisia tea is a pure Artemisia annua tea and is a little omniscient. Be it during the flu season as a cold tea, in case of stomach pain or even during pregnancy to strengthen the immune system. Curamisia tea consists of 100% of the  Artemisia annua plant. This has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for twenty years and is therefore very important in Chinese everyday life.

Our Curamisia tea is one of the best in his class. It is grown from a particular species of Artemisia plant, which has 20-times more active substances than the free-growing varieties. This not only tastes green, but is by itself discreetly fruity. To achieve this unique aroma, our hand-picked Artemisia tea is very gently dried to preclude oxidation. It is then stored in a cool climate. That's how we get the best out of this exclusive tea.

Curamisia tea acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, in flu, is fever-lowering, in stomach mood and immunosuppressive.


Dried Artemisia Annua leaves (100%)

*from controlled and organic farming from Germany

All cans are uniformly filled with 100g tea. Depending on the batch, there are different sizes of leaves, so the apparent amount of filling can vary.