Curamisia 2 - Immune PER

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Curamisia 2 - Immune Per

Which achievement our body and the immune system accomplishes every single day, becomes not even conscious by us in the beginning. Regardless of factors like stress and environmental impacts the body to countless attacks of illness causes must stand firm; as well as internal system broad changes master. But the immune system far performs from more, in addition, it is responsible for vital duties in the body. There it is clear if our immune system from a certain point is demanded too much. At best it is a cold, however what if it is something heavier, as for example a viral one or a bacterial infection; or cells belonging to body mutate and cause cancer?

What can be undertaken, so that the immune system does not reach to his biological borders.

Therefore Curamisia 2 - Immune PER

Nobody would like to get Gebetsmühlenartig always against the same said; a healthy eating as well as movement is still important. What will forget, unfortunately, always against with pleasure, and, besides, has an essential portion in a healthy immune system, is the mental and psychic constitutions.

Hence, it is in our fast-moving time in the fast food, stress and emotional up and down to the everyday life belong to protect the body and the immune system so more importantly and to strengthen. And here Curamisia 2 - Immune per balance can create. Immune PER is conceived as a one-week cure. First the very high concentrated portion is there in Polyphenols and flavanoids, and secondly; should changes be to illness causes or system broad in the body; to date still to no perceptible effects have, can support Immune per immune system with the required raw materials, thus this that immune system can activate early regeneration and healing forces belonging to body.


Artemisia Annua Blätter (no stalks), Ethanol, Dimethylis sulfoxidum.

  • Without synthetic materials
  • Without With, fillers and auxiliary materials
  • Without colorings as for example Titandioxid
  • Without yeast, wheat, soy or egg
  • Without sugar addition
  • Freely of lactose and Freely of glow
  • Vegetarian / vegan: Freely from animal products
  • 100% OF BIOLOGY
  • Country of origin: Germany