Curamisia - An Artemisia annua Extract


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An Artemisia annua Extract

In Asia, the plant Artemisia annua (one-year-old foot) has been known for more than 2,000 years. Artemisiais used against fever, malaria, Lyme disease and inflammation. The natural active components of the plant are also used in the defense of the defenses and in case of immune deficits.

Why Curamisia?

Curamisia consists of the high-quality extract of the Artemisia plant which significantly supports the immune system. Thanks to the WHO (World Health Organization), an active ingredient (artemisinin) has been used for many years to fight malaria. But also international medical studies (read on PubMed) have evidenced by the entire Plant Artemisia annua, which helps the body with immune deficits and helps regulate the immune system for infections.


Artemisia Annua leaves (no stems), ethanol, dimethylis sulfoxidum.

  • Without synthetic substances
  • Without additives, fillers and excipients 
  • Without dyes
  • Without yeast, wheat, soy or egg
  • Without added sugar
  • Lactose- and gluten-free
  • Vegetarian/vegan: Free from animal products
  • Country of origin: Germany

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