Artemisia annua-33: 1 full spectrum extract

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ArtemiCure-33: 1 full spectrum extract


  • 200 Artemisia Annua Capsules with 600 mg
  • naturrein
  • in vegganen HPMC capsules

Harvest of Artemisia annua:

From 33 kg of Artemisia annua 1 kg of plant extract 

The leaves (leaf) are harvested exclusively by hand.

The Artemisia leaves are carefully cleaned with treated drinking water carefully and gently dried in a special drying chamber at a constant temperature. A high degree of drying (> 5% residual moisture) is important for optimal quality.

Manufacture of Artemisia annua powder

33: 1 concentrated extract

From a bio-tech company in Germany, an extract of the Artemisia annua extract is obtained in a gentle extraction process. In doing so, the strict international guidelines are complied with with a consistently high quality (Mind. 5% Artemisinin content) can be guaranteed.

 Usage recommendation:

3 capsules + 1 tablespoon edible oil


* From a legal point of view, components of the one-year addition (Artemisia annua) are to be assessed as a novel food ingredient within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 i.V.m. and in accordance with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/2470.

Artemisia annua was not on the market for human consumption in the Community for human consumption before 15 May 1997.  An authorisation procedure under Article 6 (2) of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 does not exist. Therefore, it is not authorised as a food supplement or as a food.

For this reason, we sell this product purely as " vegetable raw material without purpose " and not as food supplements or food.

Based on the EU Guidelines (Health Claims) it is not allowed to inform us about the mode of action of Artemisia annua. We ask you to enquire in appropriate specialist literature or on the internet.