Artemisia in cancer

Further observations have been made in the use of Artemisia annua in malaria patients. Among these malaria sufferers were people who have suffered from other serious diseases such as cancer or AIDS. Surprisingly, these diseases have also improved significantly under treatment with Artemisia annua. The US National Library of Medicine ( website lists 497 general-nature studies and 51 studies on Artemisia annua on cancer. Even the world's largest pharma-friendly cancer center (Memorial Sloan-Kettering - attests to this plant's distinct anti-cancer properties. Basically, any type of cancer can be treated with Artemisia annua. Since there are virtually no clinical trials yet, little can be said about the success rate. Unfortunately, such a study costs between one and ten million euros, which is why, apart from the pharmaceutical industry, which unfortunately has no interest in it, hardly anyone is in a position to carry out such a study.