An incomparable natural product!

It is obtained from the hand-picked fruit of the Artemisia annua plant.

Artemisia is considered to be the mother of all kinds and     approx. 250 different ingredients.

Artemisia also has a unique molar ratio that does not exist in chemistry, but still has it.

This uniqueness and the variety of active ingredients from nature, as well as the very carefully processed processing make the Curamisia extract so special.

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Consulting service

Due to the high demands we have set up a telephone service for you

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We are pleased to announce that we are expected to offer a free hotline for you from 20 May.

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The Monthly Immune Cure

Curamisia Per / 40 - Curamisia

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Curamisia Per / 40 - Curamisia
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Curamisia 7 - Curamisia
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Curamisia 7

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Curamisia 10 - Curamisia
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Curamisia 10

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Cramisia tea

The Tartbl ä ttrige Artemisia annua (Qing-Hao) Tea is a special variety and is considered to be the mother of all herbs. The tea has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine. Unfortunately, it has been forgotten by the emergence of modern medicine, and it was rediscovered in 1972. Today, the tea is once again a solid chestnut in the Asian tea culture.


Curamisia Tee

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cellular repair infusion

Sometimes it is just an expert who needs it.

Whether your skin needs an immediate energy boost, longing for rapid renewal, or taking action against dark spots.  

This innovative formula specifically goes against the causes and highlights them visibly from day to day.

As a result of the current situation, the CELLULAR REPAIR INFUSION can only be available in small numbers.

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Due to the fact of the Corona crisis, our packaging supplier was unfortunately forced to do something about it. Therefore, we have to switch to an alternative packaging in the short term.

With the next changeover to a new packaging, we are looking forward to introduce you to an extended cosmetic line from Curamisia.